Campus Life

Campus Life

Housing and Medical Support


One of the hard things when studying abroad is finding accommodation. Contracting with a real estate agent is difficult, and procedures for gas, water and electricity can be complicated.

For people who require it, Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School has dormitories, guesthouses and apartments readily available, so save your worries! And of course we also provide support with the gas, water and electricity procedures.

Rent is affordable and all places come fully furnished with furniture, home appliances etc. We have many rooms available, so we are certain you can find one to suit you.

An example of residence: HR Kami-Itabashi

 11 minutes walking from Kami-Itabashi Station
 New share house
 Free Wi-Fi
 With furniture and home appliances
 Foreign nationality, room sharing available


Housing (rental conditions)

Medical Care

After enrolling, you will join the National Health Insurance. This insurance covers 70% of medical expenses (treatment costs) when you get sick or injured.

In addition, the “International Student Plan” of the Japanese Language School Association will cover the remaining 30% of the medical expenses (treatment costs) that are not covered under the National Health Insurance.

In addition, staff who can understand Chinese, Vietnamese, and English can accompany you when you need to go to the hospital.


Our school is a 10-minute walk from Kami-Itabashi Station or Tokiwadai Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

We are located on the corner of a road in a quiet residential area; a perfect environment for concentrating on your studies. There is also a convenience store, a supermarket, a 100 yen store and several cafés near the school.

There are also local shops such as a popular cake shop and a tofu shop that sells a delicious ‘Tofu Bavarois’.

Our school is conveniently located just a 10 minute train journey away from Ikebukuro; a city commonly referred to as ‘the city of art and subculture’ and ‘the city of young people’.

Ikebukuro is a city with a stimulus that continues to grow day by day, with the city’s leading business districts ever expanding.

From Ikebukuro you can reach Shinjuku, Tokyo and Shibuya districts by train all within about 15 minutes.


School exterior

Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School is a 10-minute walk from Tokiwadai station & Kami-Itabashi station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

Tokyo has a big and lively image because of places like Shinjuku and Shibuya. However, Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School is located in a quiet residential area where you can concentrate on your studies. It is also very convenient because it takes about 10 minutes to get from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku by train.

There are convenience stores, supermarkets, and parks near the school. A large library will soon be opened.


Large classrooms that can accommodate for up to around 20 students.

All classrooms are equipped with large TV monitors and audio output systems.

Information Desk

The staff at the reception desk are available to support you with all aspects of student life, from day to day living, to higher education.

In addition to Japanese staff who can speak Chinese, staff from Taiwan and Vietnam are also present, so you can consult with confidence even if you have just come to Japan and you are not confident in speaking Japanese.

English and Cambodian language support is also available. Please be assured that we support each and every student to the best of our ability.

Career Guidance Room

Over 100 university and vocational school materials can always be viewed in the career guidance room. And if you have any questions that you don’t understand with the materials, please consult with your teacher or reception staff.

We will advise you on how to get closer to your dreams. In addition, we will support not only students who wish to pursue higher education but also students who wish to find employment, by teaching how to write Japanese resumes for instance.


We have a wide range of books about Japan, such as novels and picture books that remain famous throughout the ages.