One of the hard things when studying abroad is finding accommodation. Contracting with a real estate agent is difficult, and procedures for gas, water and electricity can be complicated.

For people who require it, Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School has dormitories, guesthouses and apartments readily available, so save your worries! And of course we also provide support with the gas, water and electricity procedures.

Rent is affordable and all places come fully furnished with furniture, home appliances etc. We have many rooms available, so we are certain you can find one to suit you.

An example of residence: HR Kami-Itabashi

  • 11 minutes walking from Kami-Itabashi Station

  • New share house

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • With furniture and home appliances

  • Foreign nationality, room sharing available

Housing (rental conditions)

Admission fee20.000¥Deposit1 month
Rent47.000¥Service fee12.000¥
Fire insurance15.000¥ (2 years)Renewal fee1 month of new rent
Key exchange fee16.000¥ (tax included)Guarantor companyNegotiable
Contract period2 years
AvailabilityOn the application day
Shared area3 plates cooking heater,
Independent sink,
Washing machine / dryer,
Rice cooker,
Electric hot pot,
Shower booth,
Hot water toilet seat, shoe box,
Personal areaAir conditioner,
Intercom with TV monitor,
Light (with remote control),
Bed, desk / chair,
Small refrigerator, TV

Please check the dormitory brochure of HR Kami-Itabashi

Dormitory brochure of HR Kami-Itabashi
Dormitory brochure of HR Kami-Itabashi

If you have any questions, please contact Cocoro school.

Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School

3-25-2 Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo



Medical Care

After enrolling, you will join the National Health Insurance. This insurance covers 70% of medical expenses (treatment costs) when you get sick or injured.

In addition, the “International Student Plan” of the Japanese Language School Association will cover the remaining 30% of the medical expenses (treatment costs) that are not covered under the National Health Insurance.

In addition, staff who can understand Chinese, Vietnamese, and English can accompany you when you need to go to the hospital.