Weekdays: Monday to Friday

Time: (AM class) 9:30-12:50 / (PM class) 13:30-16:50

Enrollment period: April / October (twice a year) 2 years / 1.5 year / 1 year

★ Students on this course will study for JLPTN2 acquisition (If you start from a beginner level on a two-year course, it ends one year and nine months later in December). The beginner class first solidifies the basics of grammar + 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). In addition, you will have standing conversation classes. From the beginner level, you will be able to learn Japanese spoken by Japanese people and acquire useful Japanese. If you go up to an intermediate class, you will take JLPT preparation classes in addition to regular classes. We will study not only grammar but also kanji, vocabulary, reading understanding and listening understanding.

Long-term Curriculum


Long-term Course level


Although it may start off slowly, gradually increase your basic Japanese ability.

The goal is to be able to read and understand familiar topics in everyday life and to have simple conversations with Japanese people.

Aim to pass JLPT N5 to N3.



You will practice so that you can hold discussions longer than the beginner level. You will also learn a little more complicated Japanese, such as different ways of speaking and slight nuances. The goal is to be able to understand conversation flow and content by listening to conversations and news close to natural speed.

Aim to pass JLPT N3 – N2.



Students will practice exchanging opinions and study expressions that can be used in business situations. Also, the goal is to be able to understand the details and understand the content by listening to natural speed conversations, TV, radio, news and lectures.

Aim to pass JLPT N1.


Long-term Course costs

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2 Years
1 Year and 6 Months
1 Year