Weekdays: Monday to Friday, 9:30 – 18:00

★ You can choose the time of admission, the number of class hours, texts used, class speed, etc. Select the type of Japanese lessons you need (life conversation, business conversation, JLPT preparation, etc.) We will discuss about your purpose of studying Japanese and decide the type of lesson before your class starts.

From this information, we will then create what we think will be the best curriculum, tailored to you. Once classes start, feel free to inform us of any changes you may want and we will modify the lessons to cater for you. Through doing this, you can fully enjoy your class.

Private Course costs

Course sectionLearning periodEnrollment feeTuition feeFacility and extracurricular activities
Private LessonIndividual consultation is possible10,000¥3,200¥ – 5,500¥/50 min.None