Summer Course of Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School

Period: 10 days in July and August every year

Time: (class) 9:30-12:50 / (afternoon) Activities

★ There are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You will study Japanese at school in the morning. Instead of using textbooks and studying grammar and vocabulary, the beginner’s class studies conversational expressions in familiar situations such as doing shopping or travelling by train. In the intermediate and advanced classes, students practice more complex phrases and expressions, and exchange opinions.

In the afternoon, we jump out of the classroom and go to various places. You can experience Japanese culture and traditions. In a short period of time, you will feel more familiar with Japan by experiencing “raw Japanese”.

Summer Course cost

Course sectionLearning periodEnrollment feeTuition feeFacilities and extracurricular activities
Summer Course10 days period48,000¥25,000¥~