Happy New Year everyone!
Wishing that you have a happy and prosperous 2021!

Hatsuyume is the first dream of the year and becomes a hot topic at the beginning of every year. It is said that firsts of the year such as the first shrine visit of the year (hatsumode) are auspicious, hatsuyume included.
hatsuyume is the first dream you have in the new year. In Japan, there is a custom of using your first dream to tell your fortune for that year.

When is your first dream?
Hatsuyume first appeared in literature during the Kamakura period. In that era, the beginning of spring (around February 4th on the modern day calendar) was considered to be the new year, so the dream on the night of Setsubun through to the morning of the first day of spring was the first dream.
In the Edo era, there were three different opinions for what day hatsuyume actually took place on: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and January 2nd of the lunar calendar. There was apparently controversy as to which day was actually the correct day.
Nowadays, many people spend New Year’s Eve without sleeping for numerous reasons such as participating in New Year’s Eve events and watching the unique New Year’s Eve TV programmes, so the dream you have on January 1st or 2nd of the new year, or even the first dream you have after the new year begins is considered the first dream.


Using the first dream for fortune telling
Since ancient times, in Japan, it has been customary to use what appeared in your first dream to tell your fortune for the year.
In order to have a good first dream, some people sleep with a picture of the treasure ship of the Seven Lucky Gods and a picture of a ‘Baku’ (a supernatural being that resembles a Tapir, said to devour nightmares) under their pillow.
Out of the ‘good luck dreams’ the most famous ones are known as ‘Ichifuji’, ‘Nitaka’, and ‘Sannasubi’. All of these three fortunes are auspicious and Joyous, they are the best 3!

Mountain dreams are said to represent difficulties and achievements, but since Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, it means a successful career that fulfils high goals and ideals. It will also be a year of prosperity.
A hawk that dances in the sky and catches its prey with its sharp claws, a suggestion to seize the opportunity. Since it dances high and strong in the sky, it is said that it shows the power of action and leads to the realization of freedom and dreams.
This means to ‘get things done’ and expresses wealth and prosperity of descendants such as making a fortune or having a child.

There are many other dreams that are said to be auspicious, so you may find it interesting to have a look online for the rest.


If one thing is for sure, it is that hatsuyume has more of a sense of importance than your other dreams, right?
Do you remember your first dream this year? Let us know what kind of dream you had in the comments!