February 22nd is Cat Day!
Have you heard of it before?

Cat Day was established back in 1987 as a way to ‘show gratitude to the joy and happiness of living with cats’.
So why is Cat Day on February 22nd? Well, the onomatopoeic sound of a cats voice in Japanese is ‘Nyan nyan nyan’ and the word for ‘two’ is of course ‘ni’, making February 22nd ‘ni ni ni’ (222). With this in mind, cat lovers across the country made a public appeal for February 22nd to be declared Cat Day.

There are many Cat Days across the globe, like February 17th in many European countries, March 1st in Russia, and October 29th in the US. However, the universal anniversary is ‘International Cat Day’ on August 8th.


Creating ‘nyan nyan nyan’ from ‘ni ni ni’. We think it’s a cute little pun.
By the way, Dog Day is on November 1st. This is because dogs go ‘wan wan wan’ in Japanese, and well, November 1st is ‘one one one’, or ‘wan wan wan’ when pronounced by a stereotypical Japanese person in their very best English accent.
There are various events held all across the country to celebrate Cat Day, so for those of you who are cat lovers, you should definitely go and check it out!