Message from President Hamada

With the rapid advance in globalization, the demand for Japanese language teachers is growing day by day, as is the demand for people capable of speaking Japanese. In order to train capable people who could play a part in economic development and world peace, “Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School” was established. It is often said that Language is an important bridge for communicating through the heart. By learning a foreign language you give yourself the ability to interact with the people of that country. Furthermore, you enable yourself to get a deeper understanding of that country through their history and culture.

The aim of our school is not just the language, but gaining a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, customs, and history as these factors are part of the difference between ‘learning a language’ and ‘living a language’.

The name of our school includes the word ‘cocoro’, which translates to ‘heart’. The meaning behind this ‘heart’ for our school is ‘the use of communication to connect our hearts’. This emphasizes going beyond just knowledge and giving our students a ‘heart’. Raising you with a ‘heart’ is our educational philosophy.

At our school that emphasizes ‘the heart’, we want to bring people with various personalities together and enjoy learning Japanese in an environment that can experience Japanese culture. Let’s work together towards the future, learning Japanese and making your big dream come true.

Message from Principal Chida

Greetings From Principal of Tokyo Cocoro School

What made you take an interest in other countries? For me, I was 6 years old. It was when I saw my first movie from another country.

Whether it’s a movie, a book, a game etc. I think we all have our own motive and I think that’s also the case for wanting to study Japanese. I think there are many reasons for wanting to learn Japanese. There are many Japanese schools here in Japan, because of this I think the reason you stumbled upon us among all those other schools is because there is a bond between us.

I will cherish that bond and will support you to the best of my ability whether that is in Japan or other places so that YOU can flourish. Let’s turn the Japanese you already know into Japanese that you can use. I look forward to meeting you!

Education Policy


In order to make each student’s big dream come true, we will practice the following three educational policies with our “heart”.

  • Raising students with a ‘heart’ who can play a role in world peace and economic development.

  • Enjoying Japanese language education through the beauty of communicating from the ‘heart’.

  • Mutually understanding foreign cultures, customs, history etc. from the ‘heart’.