MurakamiChief of Japanese teachers

Message from Professor Murakami

What is it that you like about Japan? In Japan there are old, traditional towns and also new, cutting edge towns. There is also lots of delicious food. If you come to Japan, I recommend that you try to experience as many various things as you can.

Being able to use Japanese will only make that experience even greater, right? Here at Tokyo Cocoro, for the sake of you being able to experience various things, we offer a number of programs throughout the day that we are confident will prove useful to you.

We want to make your time at Japanese language school one of those memorable experiences, so let’s enjoy classes together whilst improving your Japanese ability!

TanakaJapanese teacher

Message from Professor Tanaka

“You can still have fun at intermediate and advanced level!”

Studying another language makes you see the world in another light.

Reaching the more advanced levels enables you to see the world from even more perspectives.

Learn Japanese, breathe the air of Tokyo, and give Japan a special place in your “heart”.

When compared to elementary level, the element of fun at advanced levels naturally tends to fade; however, we do our best to keep classes entertaining!

Finally, I want you to feel the self improvement achieved from your studies.

I can’t wait to meet you here at ‘cocoro’.

FujiwaraJapanese teacher

Message from Professor Fujiwara

“Let’s learn Japanese that you can use in daily life.”

The best thing about studying here in Japan is that you can use the Japanese you have learnt on a day to day basis. We obviously use textbooks to study from, but more importantly, lets practice speaking the natural way; through conversation.

Here at Tokyo Cocoro, even at the beginner levels, we practice conversation that can be spoken with Japanese people. In lessons we take full advantage of the use of images and videos to aid you in your studies.

Let’s level up your Japanese, and let’s do it in a fun environment!