Students will learn “useful Japanese”

At Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School,
Students will learn “useful Japanese” in various situations of daily life.
In addition to studying grammar and preparing for JLPT,
you will also practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in class.

But that is not all. The biggest advantage is that it is a
“school where you can learn the living Japanese language used by natives”!


There are three special features in Cocoro

Practice native conversation

The conversation dialogs used in class are original.
Rather than memorizing text examples and conversations, practice various conversations that can be used in everyday situations.

Just sitting down is boring

In the class, not only teachers but also students stand and practice conversation. You can’t imagine yourself just sitting & looking at the board.
Practice the conversation by imagining you really are in that scene. It may be embarrassing at first, but it is really fun to practice acting while speaking.

Let’s see the real Japan

During a lesson of Cocoro School, instead of using only texts that are written in the textbook, “real documents” such as TV and flyers are used to experience real Japanese language every day.
Being able to understand things such as Japanese TV and comics will leave you moved!


Message from Principal Chida

What made you take an interest in other countries? For me, I was 6 years old. It was when I saw my first movie from another country.

Whether it’s a movie, a book, a game etc. I think we all have our own motive and I think that’s also the case for wanting to study Japanese. I think there are many reasons for wanting to learn Japanese. There are many Japanese schools here in Japan, because of this I think the reason you stumbled upon us among all those other schools is because there is a bond between us.

I will cherish that bond and will support you to the best of my ability whether that is in Japan or other places so that YOU can flourish. Let’s turn the Japanese you already know into Japanese that you can use. I look forward to meeting you!

Message from Teacher

Message from Professor Okumura

I’m sure that when you come to Japan, you already have many hopes and dreams for what you want to achieve in life. Furthermore I am certain that you will a clear reason for why you are studying Japanese.

What I want from you, is that no matter what happens, you never forget those hopes, dreams, and reasons for studying here in Japan. As long as you keep hold of these, we at Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School will do our utmost to support you and help you to achieve your dreams.

Let’s make those dreams come true!

Education Policy

In order to make each student’s big dream come true, we will practice the following three educational policies with our “heart”.

 Raising students with a ‘heart’ who can play a role in world peace and economic development.

 Enjoying Japanese language education through the beauty of communicating from the ‘heart’.

 Mutually understanding foreign cultures, customs, history etc. from the ‘heart’.

Annual schedule

A year at Tokyo Cocoro school is divided into four semesters (January, April, July, October).
Midterm and final tests are held every semester.
JLPT exams are taken from Intermediate level onwards.

Spring:April May June


  • April Student Entrance Ceremony
  • April semester begins
  • Health Checkup


  • 1st Counseling
  • Extracurricular Activities (1)


  • End-of-term exam
  • Extracurricular Activities (2)

Summer:July August September


  • JLPT Test
  • July semester begins
  • Tanabata
  • Extracurricular Activities (3)


  • Summer vacation
  • 2nd Counseling


  • End-of-term exam
  • Extracurricular Activities (4)

Autumn:October November December


  • October Student Entrance Ceremony
  • Health Checkup


  • 3rd Counseling (For April entrees)
  • 1st Counseling (For October entrees)
  • Extracurricular Activities (5)


  • JLPT Test
  • End-of-term exam
  • Extracurricular Activities (6)
  • Winter vacation

Winter:January February March


  • January semester begins


  • 2nd Counseling (For October entrees)
  • Extracurricular Activities (7)


  • End-of-term exam
  • One-year, two-year course graduation ceremony
  • Extracurricular Activities (8)
  • Spring break

Career Guidance

We have a career guidance system.

We have a career guidance system. We provide support for every student to help their dream become a reality. We are available to discuss things like higher education and employment options with you. We offer advice and information regarding enrollment, tuition fees, higher education etc.
In the career guidance room there is data for more than 100 universities and vocational schools, of which can be viewed at anytime. We will discuss your desired careers choices with you in detail.

For students looking to go into employment, we will properly support you with writing resumes, practicing for job interviews etc.